This Privacy Statement explains our policy for handling personal information which you may provide to us when you access and interact with our website.


1. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the Purchaser understands that he/she/it is purchasing a single user license for any of our systems.

2. A single user license can only be used by the person/company purchasing the system for internal compliance.

3. The system cannot be assigned, sub-licensed or transferred to a third party or resold for any reason whatsoever without the expressed written consent of Nanosaver Pty Ltd.

4. The Purchaser can only reproduce the system for the sole use of the Purchaser.

5. The Purchaser (and his/her/its safety consultants) is required to obtain a separate license in order to supply Nanosaver Pty Ltd products to a third party.


1. Building and Construction Documents warrants;

a. All due care and consideration is made during the development of the systems.


1. Modifications to the systems should be made so that it is specific to the associated work site, risks and hazards.

2. It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser and not Nanosaver Pty Ltd to;

a. complete the mandatory fields of the Documentation.

b. include in the Documentation any additional duties and working conditions, being contingencies outside the scope of the Documentation.

3. The Purchaser acknowledges;

a. the Documentation is supplied on a non-site specific, generic basis only, and risk assessments are to be conducted prior to any implementation of the Documentation.

b. on site Auditing and Gap Analysis assessments should be performed before and after implementation to ensure any site specific risks are identified and eliminated or reduced where possible.

c. Consultation with workers and or contractors and opportunity for discussion is fundamental in implementing an effective OHS, QA and Environmental system.


1. The Purchaser acknowledges that he/she/it has not relied on any advice given or representation made by or on behalf of Nanosaver Pty Ltd.

2. Nanosaver Pty Ltd limits its liability:

a. for breach of any Non-Excludable Condition (to the extent that liability for such breach can by law be limited); and

b. for any other error or omission in the documentation caused by Nanosaver Pty Ltd.

3. The Purchaser indemnifies Nanosaver Pty Ltd and its officers, employees, contractors and agents (the Indemnified) against any costs, expenses, losses, damages and liability suffered or incurred by the Indemnified arising from the Purchasers breach of these terms and any negligent or unlawful act or omission of the Purchaser in connection with the Documentation.